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Do I really have to get old?

Recent health breakthroughs have changed the answer to "Do I really have to get old?" Even if your age increases, your "health life" can be significantly improved with several new therapies available NOW. Tru Regenerative can offer you a path to the best years of your life ---starting today.

Today's medical world is changing so fast a coach is needed to aid in understanding. There are cutting edge therapies which sound too good to be true but are helping people everywhere enjoy more of life.

Life Extension Therapies

Some of the best tools for living fully as we age sound simple. We need to eat well, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. But as simple as those tools may sound, many people struggle with one or all three. If a recent injury, or hormonal changes, or pain keep you from feeling your best, there are straight forward strategies which can bring back your vitality. But in this medical environment, it makes sense to have a guide to help translate all the information available. The professional, well-trained personnel at Tru Regenerative narrow the dizzying display of options so you are sure you're on the right path.

Starting with DNA

Ever since the genome was sequenced, medicine has found innovative ways to understand how humans work. With careful, thorough DNA testing, the professionals at Tru Regenerative can "see" deeply into what makes you, you. The codes making up your individual programming can be revealed to show where your system might be weak. Often multiple attempts at "getting better" fail because they aren't right for your unique make up. Getting the basic picture of the core function of methylation ---the process your body uses to make fuel---can create a map of what lies ahead for your health. With this basic information and the knowledge of the professionals at Tru Regenerative, the course to health can be clear.

Understanding What Foods Work for You

Many people suffer with weight and digestive issues. One strategy to better understand the unique system that is you can be to test what foods create a sensitivity in your system. Specialized blood work can open up the doors to understanding the best food choices for you. The wrong food increases inflammation. Even slight swelling, if chronic, can make it hard to feel up to taking care of yourself. Working with a specialist and a comprehensive test to identify the foods which most likely are causing issues, the transformation can be remarkable. With the right foods, a walk turns from a chore to a delight. With increased exercise, a good night's rest is inevitable. When sleep and exercise are natural, the body can adjust to find its healthy happy place....just where you want to be.

Vitamins and Supplements

Another important step to living healthy is understanding how and why to use supplements and vitamins, but, here again, the wealth of information can make it daunting to wade through the options. Vitamin D3, for example, shows promise for maintaining good health. Considered the "sunshine supplement" it is produced in the body when exposed to sunlight. Because Vitamin D3 is created naturally, most people believe there is no need to supplement However, many people spend most of their time indoors. In addition, many conscientious people work very hard to prevent skin cancer. with sunscreens and SPF clothing to keep the sunshine from penetrating even when outdoors. So it is safe to say most people are vitamin D3 deficient. At Tru Regenerative, the providers use blood tests to determine what level and kind of supplements work best for you. No guessing or random supplements, but solid scientific data to help make sure you are at your best.

If it seems too basic to focus on Vitamin D3, consider the following. Some research suggests that adequate levels of Vitamin D3 may help to extend life by reducing the risk of chronic diseases. For instance, Vitamin D3 has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also plays a role in immune function and can help to prevent infections and autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, Vitamin D3 is involved in cell growth and differentiation, and it may help to prevent cancer by regulating cell growth and preventing the growth of cancer cells. This research supports the belief that even a simple vitamin is critical to extending the healthy years of life.

New Technology and Life Expansion: Stem Cells

Along with some of the "tried and true" methods of keeping the body system in top shape, medical science has broken open exciting new therapies which have changed the playing field. Stem cell therapy can regenerate. By using stem cells to repair or replace damaged or aging cells, the aging process can be slowed and health extended. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) have unique properties that allow them to change into specific cells. They can be found in various tissues in the body, and can be reapplied to focus on targeted healing. MSC also have anti-inflammatory properties which can help the body to heal. Using quality cells for this kind of transformation is the core of what Tru Regenerative can offer. Cutting edge information specialized for your body and caring health professionals change the vision for your future NOW.

Everyone at Tru Regenerative strives to give the best quality of care to every patient. Our patients are SEEN and HEARD and HELPED!

We see patients from all over the United States and other countries. We have created a structure for long-distance patients that allows us to help. So don't feel like distance is a deal breaker.

If you feel like you can benefit from our services, call Tru Regenerative and set up a new patient appointment or a free stem cell consultation today (208) 932-4475

We look forward to being a part of your healing journey!


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