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Have you ever felt like the doctor just didn't hear you? It feels like they scribbled a prescription on a pad and moved on to the next patient? Unfortunately, under the pressure from the insurance billing system in America, many doctors whiz through the patient load averaging approximately 17 minutes per patient. If your concerns don't fall clearly into an easy diagnosis, the result might be years of frustration.

In the cutting edge medicine of today, thorough connection between the patient's lifestyle and medical issue is essential. At Tru Regenerative the practitioners take time to assess every possible cause and have new sophisticated analysis tools to get to the root of the problem. Years of "just living with it" can be ended by using DNA analysis, nutritional counseling, stem cells, customized IV Therapy and many more methods of loving yourself. So if you are looking for someone to really take care of you, call Tru Regenerative 208-932-4410 and schedule a free consultation today.

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