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Epigenetic Treatments Near Idaho Falls, ID

Genes Are the Essence of Life 


“I’m interested in exploring epigenetic treatments near me in Idaho Falls, ID, but I’m not sure where to begin!” Does this sound like you? Well, look no further than Tru Regenerative Healthcare. We are firm believers in using your DNA to help prepare for your medical future and are invested in the well-being of each and every one of our patients.

So, what is epigenetics? There is no debate that the DNA blueprint is the starting point for health for all of us. DNA alone is not a sufficient explanation for all the complexity of life, but we can offer our patients the opportunity to be proactive in their journey toward excellent health.

At Tru Regenerative Healthcare, we value each patient’s case individually. We provide simple to extensive genetic testing to collect the required information to identify your health risks. We will create an individualized plan to address current problems and better yet, identify threats and create effective prevention strategies.

Epigenetics is a field of study focused on changes in DNA that do not involve alterations to the underlying sequence. The “epi” in epigenetics is derived from Greek and means at, on, to, upon, over, or beside. We believe that investing in the study of our own DNA can provide insight into how we can better live our lives.

The behavior of DNA in our cells can be altered by small chemical groups/special proteins added to specific regions of our DNA. None of these chemical groups change the underlying genetic code but adding or removing these groups can change the expression of the genes.

Why Choose TRU?

This newer understanding of how to turn certain genes off and on gives patients the ability to improve not only longevity in terms of the number of years lived but also their actual quality of life. To prevent or delay the onset of any chronic illness is a dream we all share. The reality of that dream is upon us and it’s what defines regenerative medicine in the 21st century.

If you are asking yourself, “Where can I find professional epigenetic therapy near me in Idaho Falls, ID?” then look no further than Tru Regenerative Healthcare. We aim to use this groundbreaking scientific technology to help you live a fuller and healthier life. Call us today at (208) 932-4410 to schedule an appointment.

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