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Fostering Wellness With Regenerative Medicine in Jackson, WY

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We Take Wellness to a New Level!

Traditional medicine providers see on average 20-30 patients a day. Wellness exams are not high-paying exams. Insurance companies do not pay providers much for wellness visits. They also do not pay for any concerns that the patients want to talk about in a wellness visit and they choose which screening labs they will pay for. This really restricts the provider's ability to screen the patient properly.


We take a different approach to wellness here at TRU. Our screenings are up to 90 minutes and our labs are directly contracted with the labs themselves. This gives us the ability to reduce the cost for patients, allows us to screen our patient's health better, and gives us the opportunity to look more in-depth for the best patient care. We designed our clinic this way in order to give our patients more attention, peace of mind, and quality care. So, what’s stopping you from taking the first step to improving your general wellness?

When you step through the door at Tru Regenerative Healthcare, you can rest assured that your wellbeing is our first and top priority. Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness or simply want to invest in your future health, we are here to help you. When it comes to regenerative medicine in Jackson, WY, TRU is the number one medical clinic in the area. Call us at (208) 932-4410 or schedule your first appointment online to get started on your wellness journey today!

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