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Epigenetic Treatments in Idaho Falls, ID  & Salt Lake, UT

Genes Are the Essence of Life 


Welcome to Tru Regenerative Healthcare, where we are passionate about helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. We believe that epigenetics plays a critical role in how we all age and maintain good health. Our approach is to work with each patient to create an individualized plan that is designed to optimize their health and prevent disease. We offer a wide range of innovative treatments and therapies that can help you look and feel your best..

We believe in personalized care that targets both current health problems and potential threats. Our medical programs utilize advanced genetic testing to provide a better understanding of your genetic makeup, health risks, and susceptibility to certain medical conditions. By receiving comprehensive, personalized care that begins with genetic test results, you can better understand your health status, treat current illnesses, and create a sound action plan to prevent future ones.

We use the latest medical technology and techniques. We believe that by investing in the study of our own DNA, we can uncover important insights about our health that can help us optimize our wellbeing. Epigenetics is a fascinating field, and we are proud to be at the forefront of its study. Whether you are looking for chronic disease management, regenerative treatments, or simply want to achieve optimal health, we are here to help.

The behavior of DNA in our cells can be altered by small chemical groups/special proteins added to specific regions of our DNA. None of these chemical groups change the underlying genetic code but adding or removing these groups can change the expression of the genes. This is how we can prevent many diseases! 

Why Choose TRU?

This newer understanding of how to turn certain genes off and on gives patients the ability to improve not only longevity in terms of the number of years lived but also their actual quality of life. To prevent or delay the onset of any chronic illness is a dream we all share. The reality of that dream is upon us and it’s what defines regenerative medicine in the 21st century.

If you are asking yourself, “Where can I find professional epigenetic therapy near me in Idaho Falls, ID or in SLC Valley?” then look no further than Tru Regenerative Healthcare. We aim to use this groundbreaking scientific technology to help you live a fuller and healthier life. Call us today at (208) 932-4410 to schedule an appointment.

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