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IV Therapy

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Why Do We Use IV therapy?

Here at TRU, we use IV therapy also known as (IV infusion) alongside many other treatment options. IV therapy provides a vast amount of benefit to our patients. It provides bioavailable nutrients that may be unavailable to patients in the proper amount due to disease or the physical inability to utilize nutrients.


IV Therapy Treatments can Help:

Autoimmune Diseases

Chronic illnesses



Chronic Fatigue


Brain Fog



And more!

First, our medical providers assess you and collect the required data. Depending on the data, our providers will determine if you need IV therapy. Most IV clinics have standard IV mixes they provide to patients. This means that patients will receive whatever concoction they have developed that will generally help for a specific diagnosis. Some even do it for basic hydration with a very small amount of vitamins and minerals.  We develop the IV solutions based on the individual's needs and dose accordingly. IV therapy can be dangerous if the proper data isn't collected. For the highest quality of care and our patient's protection, we require our patients to see a provider and go through a new patient evaluation before doing any IV therapies for treatment other than basic hydration.

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