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IV Therapy

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Why Do We Use IV therapy?

IV therapy, also known as IV infusion, has become a popular treatment option for people who want to feel their best. At TRU Regenerative Healthcare, our IV therapy treatments provide patients with a range of benefits such as increased energy, faster muscle recovery, and improved mental clarity. We believe that by providing bioavailable nutrients that may be unavailable to patients due to illness or the inability to absorb nutrients properly, we can help our patients achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.


IV Therapy Treatments can Help:

Autoimmune Diseases

Chronic illnesses



Chronic Fatigue


Brain Fog



And more!

We provide the highest quality healthcare services to our patients. Our expert medical providers offer personalized treatment options, including customized IV therapy, to fully cater to the needs of our patients. Unlike other clinics that offer one-size-fits-all IV mixtures, our team works to develop a customized concoction that provides optimal relief and healing for your specific diagnosis and needs.  


IV therapy can offer many benefits for patients, but it can also be dangerous if not administered properly. That's why at Tru Regenerative Healthcare, we take every precaution to protect our patients. Before doing any IV therapies for treatment other than basic hydration, we require a new patient evaluation with one of our providers. This process provides us with the necessary data to provide the best possible care and ensures our patients' safety.

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