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Crohn's Disease (IBS) Demystified

Crohn's disease is a disease impacting the digestive system through inflammation. It can cause pain and suffering and be difficult to diagnose. The in-depth 90 minute patient interview and caring staff at Tru Regenerative can evaluate all the evidence and get to the source of the problem. Since there is currently no cure for Crohn's disease, finding practitioners like Libby Cameron and Chelcee Larkin on the cutting edge of the recent innovations in the medical field is the best hope for relief.

As an inflammatory bowel disease, every patient experiences a different level of discomfort. Some have mild bowel irritations and others can experience blockage requiring surgery. Once diagnosed, medication to reduce swelling is a good place to start, but may cause other side effects. At Tru Regenerative our experienced medical staff can recommend the best options for relieving symptoms and managing the disease.

Nutritional adjustments are another consideration for managing the symptoms of Crohn's disease. At Tru Regenerative we have a nutritional therapy practitioner , Kristine May, NTP, on staff to help determine the best diet to help eliminate the discomfort.

Potential "chinks" in the armor of the DNA code can also contribute to the manifested symptoms of Crohn's and the Tru Regenerative staff works together to make sure no aspect of diagnosis is overlooked. They are ready to take the healing right down to the basic unique DNA composition of each person. With the breadth of information they are able to obtain and evaluate, the road to understanding begins at Tru Regenerative.

Inflammation is the enemy with Crohn's disease and stem cell therapy has been used widely to reverse chronic inflammation. New advancements in Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) therapy which promote healing in the digestive tract give real hope for sustained relief. Setting the bowels back toward their healthy state with stem cells is something Tru Regenerative professionals, using only the best quality stem cells, can do to help overcome the challenges faced by those with Crohn's disease.

Everyone at Tru Regenerative strives to give the best quality of care to every patient. Our patients are SEEN and HEARD and HELPED!

We see patients from all over the United States and other countries. We have created a structure for long-distance patients that allows us to help. So don't feel like distance is a deal breaker.

If you feel like you can benefit from our services, call Tru Regenerative and set up a new patient appointment or a free stem cell consultation today (208) 932-4475

We look forward to being a part of your healing journey!

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